We Deserve A Better Future for Our Children

  • The most precious asset within any community is the life of a child. WE Must ensure God-fearing care is provided for their life.   This means providing our children with an education system that prepares them for academic success and future careers.

We Deserve A Good Quality of Life

  • This means ensuring that Parents have jobs and economic opportunities with living wages to take care of their families.  Without economic growth, the sad truth is that we will not have the jobs necessary to sustain our families. 

We Deserve Love & Respect

  • The fight against healthcare expansion is nothing less than inhumane. It is immoral to overlook any person needing medical care and refuse them the services needed.  We deserve quality affordable healthcare that will provide our children with medical services needed to live a long and healthy life in an environment that is protected: Clean Water, Clean Air, Clean Food Source

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